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Banana Pancakes

Keywords: griddle/press breakfast banana flour eggs butter

Banana Pancakes are one of my brother's specialties. Perfect for the weekend!


Apple Cinnamon Streusel Pancakes

Keywords: breakfast nut-free vegan vegetarian

Fluffy, decadent and delicious. I knew this was a good idea.


Banana Oat Greek Yogurt Pancakes

Keywords: blender breakfast gluten-free low-fat sugar-free soy-free banana greek yogurt

Quick and easy gluten-free pancakes made from oats, banana, and Greek yogurt. A simple and nutritious way to start the day


Banana Oat Pancakes

Keywords: stove top breakfast main dish snack soy-free sugar-free

Banana Oat pancakes - simple and easy to put together for a healthy breakfast. The perfect start to your day!


Banana Oat Blender Pancakes

Keywords: breakfast dairy-free gluten-free healthy low-calorie banana oats

So super easy and yummy- these Banana Oat Blender Pancakes come together in about 5 minutes and are full of nutritious goodness! (gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar free)


banana nut pancakes with dark chocolate

Keywords: oats walnuts banana

gluten-free banana nut pancakes with chocolate topping, a weekend's delight!


Banana Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Keywords: blender fry breakfast breakfast bakes pancakes all recipes

This thick and fluffy Healthy Banana Pancakes Recipe is SO delicious and so easy to make. They are gluten free, low fat, sugar free, high protein and makes a small batch that is perfect for lazy weekend breakfasts.


Banana Mango Coconut Pancakes

Keywords: griddle breakfast pancake mango banana coconut macadamia

A tropical delight with bananas, mangoes and coconut. Incorporating pureed bananas and mangoes makes these pancakes really soft and fluffy!


Banana Nut Pancakes

Keywords: nuts, macadamia nuts, pancake mix, 

Delicious for breakfast or anytime.


Banana Oat Pancakes

Keywords: vegan sugar-free pancakes

One of my go-to pancake recipes, these banana pancakes are a hit with everyone!


Banana Paleo Protein Recovery Pancakes

Keywords: fry breakfast snack gluten-free grain free nut-free paleo soy-free

Light fluffy moist banana paleo protein infused pancakes with an extra hit of fibre...the perfect recovery breakfast!



Keywords: breakfast nut-free soy-free Banana spring summer

Fluffy vegan pancakes that are chock full of banana flavour.


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