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2-Minute Apple Cinnamon Peanut Butter

Keywords: food processor appetizer quick spread/sauces fall dairy free

Apple butter and peanut butter were destined to be together, don't you think?


Apple Nachos

Keywords: dessert snack appetizer apple caramel chocolate marshmallow


Apple Almond Quinoa with Maple Sausage

Keywords: simmer appetizer entree lunch side quinoa apple cranberries almonds

Apple Almond Quinoa with Maple Sausage is perfect for a light lunch, supper, or side!


"Cheesy" Vegan Black Bean Dip

Keywords: food processor raw appetizer dip snack nut-free vegan vegetarian


Apple Nachos with Homemade Caramel Sauce

Keywords: simmer appetizer snack sauce egg-free gluten-free healthier low-sodium

Enjoy tart apple slices covered in homemade caramel sauce, cinnamon, lemon juice, chocolate chips, and nuts. This is perfect for a fun snack or even dessert!


Apple Nachos

Keywords: raw snack dessert side appetizer sugar free apples American

Calories 243 Carb 35 Protein 6 Fiber 7 I love this treat and so do my kids! Fast, healthy, and delicious, what more can you ask for?


Apple Nachos Supreme! (from Plant-Powered Families)

Keywords: appetizer snack snacking dessert gluten-free oil-free vegan soy-free

Your kids will LOVE this treat. It feels so festive and special, yet is pretty easy to pull together and is quite healthy! You can customize with toppings you like best. (Don't be intimated by the length of the recipe, it's just to give details, and I offer short-cuts!)


Apple Honey Oat Cake

Keywords: bake appetizer bread breakfast


Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Muffins

Keywords: bake appetizer breakfast dessert snack oats apple

Little handfuls of fiber that are so tasty you have to act fast to make sure you get your share! Click Here For Recipe


Apple Cinnamon Pull-Apart Challah

Keywords: bake appetizer bread dessert Halloween Hanukkah Rosh Hashanah


Apple Peanut Butter Muffins

Keywords: bake appetizer bread breakfast side vegetarian


Apple Pie-Filled Crispy Cheddar Frico Cups

Keywords: bake saute appetizer dessert cheese apples Thanksgiving fall


Apple Slices with Vegan Date Caramel

Keywords: appetizer snack dessert breakfast soy-free vegan vegetarian

Dates and golden raisins are combined to make a thick and chewy caramel served inside of sliced apples.

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